Remington Steel 1982 Gray Arabian - 15.3 hh by Gaffizon out of Jordjina by Karadjordje.

Frozen Only - $3500 LFG or $1000 per dose

Remington Steel is a very showy gray Arabian stallion that has made a mark in particular for offspring in endurance

competitions and showing in hand in North America. An ideal sire for new blood in an already well established NZ market.

Contact: Paul Mennick - Pacific International Genetics, Ph: 001 530-529-0703;

Vigar Riffal 1996 Gray Arabian - 15.3 hh by Jesmond Kamahl out of Bushland shaklan Amira by Shaklan Magic.

Frozen Only - $600 + GST per dose

Riff’s won the 160 km ride at the NI Championships in Jan 2006 beating the NZ record by 1 hr in a tight battle between

Shane & Paul Jeffries riding Rhan with the lead changing several times over the last 15 km.

Contact: Shane Dougan - 06 375 8522