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Syenz Technology is a New Zealand company based in the Wairarapa (1½ hours north of the capital city Wellington) that specialises in equine reproduction and care of the young foal.

The company is family owned and operated by Victoria Vallance in conjunction with Longspring Sport Horses – a stud that over 25 years has a proven track record of producing top quality sport horses that have performed at top level in New Zealand and overseas.

As such, Syenz in conjunction with Longspring can offer a myriad of services to the mare and stallion owner including –

Looking up a horse's nose
  • Artificial insemination of the mare (fresh and frozen)
  • Stallion semen collection (fresh and frozen)
  • Evaluating and Freezing semen from stallions
  • Training stallions to collect for shipment
  • Mare and foal management including foaling mares
  • Operating room with specialised recovery facilities
  • Importing/exporting semen (accreditation in progress)
  • Castration Service in safe surroundings

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