Supervised Foaling and Post Natal care

One of our fertility services provides "peace of mind" to the owner of a mare when foaling is imminent. Indeed, most live foal guarantees these days are dependent on mares being foaled under professional supervision. It is costly enough getting a mare in foal to let it all end in disaster at the last hurdle.

Our foaling service ensures that mares are well monitored in the period before foaling to watch for any complication that might arise. With over 60 years combined experience, we can often spot problems before they become serious. This can be very important if your mare is having her first foal as new mothers can sometimes not allow the foal to feed.


Using special foaling alarms, we are able to unobtrusively watch the entire foaling, lending a hand as required. More often than not, this will happen in the middle of the night when most mare owners are asleep. Studies have shown that more than 80 % of mares foal between 10:00 pm and 4:00 am.

New foal

The umbilical cord is disinfected and injections given to mare and foal as required after foaling. The mare and newborn are then watched carefully over the next 24 hours to insure that the placenta is passed intact, and that the offspring is able to stand and nurse properly. And we will email you a picture the next morning!

We recommend that mares be brought to us preferably four weeks prior to their due date to allow the mare time to become accustomed to her surroundings. This is also important as throughout this time the mare is exposed to the natural pathogens in the local environment and develops immunity that is passed on to the foal through the mares colostrum. This will minimize the potential for delivery complications associated with nervousness and stress as well as ensure good immunity.

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Post Natal care or orphan foals

Foals teeth

In line with our foaling service, we can also provide round the clock care for a sick foal that may need regular injections, bandages changed, stomach tubing with milk, or re-hydration with fluids through intravenous drips. This can be considerably less expensive than having your local vet visit each day or twice a day to do.

If you have an orphan foal to feed, we can make that easier for you. With our staff onsite at all times, your foal will be well cared for and a suitable paddock mate found so they are properly socialized. One of the dangers with an orphan foal is that they become too humanized if left with only their owner for company – making them extremely difficult to handle and break in at a later date.

We can provide advice and assistance in these areas as well.

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