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The following are some of the websites of the people we deal with that might be of interest to you in the horse industry. Some are people we work with or whose products we sell.

Longspring Sport Horses

Longspring Sport Horses Logo

An integral part of the Syenz operation and the equestrian side of the business. Syenz is based at Longspring and provides all the reproductive work for Longspring.

Looking for a horse for Show Jumping, Eventing or Dressage check out the website for what progeny is currently available. Longspring also provides breaking in handling of young horses, schooling and lessons for both rider and horse.
Tel: 06 378 8983 or 06 378 2310
Email: rupert [at] longspring [dot] co [dot] nz

Main-Events software

Main-Events Software Logo

Main-Events provide the software we use to run Syenz and Longspring Sport horses. Main-Events for Horses owners is ideal for the owner with a few horses to a full stud similar to what we have here at Longspring.

The software tracks pedigrees, performance, health information, nutrition, breeding and anything else an owner wants to set up. It is totally customizable with no limits on the number of horses that can be recorded. Owners can draw in horse markings and brands using MS Paint for instant access anytime.

This is the same software used to manage the horses involved in the Age Breeding Series and the Tielcey Park Stallion parade.
Tel: 06 378 2310
Email: anne [at] main-events [dot] co [dot] nz

Pacific International Genetics
Dr Paul Mennick

Pacific International Genetics Logo

Dr Paul Mennick is our associate in the USA and is retained as an ongoing advisor to Syenz in terms of equine reproduction. Victoria trained with Dr Mennick before setting up Syenz. Paul Visited Syenz during the 2006 breeding season and we hope to bring Paul over for regular visits. Dr Mennick is also the agent for frozen semen from the Longspring stallions in USA.
Tel: 001 530-529-0703
Email: pacintgen [at] gmail [dot] com


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