Syenz is based on Longspring Stud, a well established 500 acre family farm in the Wairarapa, 1 ½ hours north of New Zealands capital city Wellington.

Its contour includes 30 acres of soft rolling hills and flatter area around the homestead which is used during the stud season to run mares and foals. The flats and steeper area on the back of the farm is used to run young stock so they develop naturally with lots of fresh air, exercise and country grass.

Landscape shot of the farm

Coming into the stud, the area on the right is post and rail, easily accessible and dedicated to pre-natal and post-natal care with safety of the mare and foal in mind. It is well sheltered with established trees. A large loosebox is available where a mare and foal can be housed during inclement weather. On the left is another post and railed large paddock and another 5 others where the mares and foals are kept during the season.

As a working equestrian centre, Longspring has the entire infrastructure necessary for producing top young horses under saddle and complements the breeding side of the operation.


Stables photo

A stable block with 14 looseboxes and wide aisles was built in 1989 and has since been upgraded in an ongoing process. One aisle of 4 boxes (isolated from the horses in work) is dedicated to Syenz for equine reproduction work so that mares and foals are conveniently housed for regular scanning if required overnight.

The other 10 looseboxes are taken up with horses in work for jumping and eventing. The stallions are normally kept boxed next to horses in work (they like it that way!) but the stud does have two separate outside boxes that are available for visiting stallions. The breeding and training operations of the business are kept as separate as possible as good practise.

One very large loosebox in the stable complex is completely isolated so that it can be used for special cases.

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Stalliong Collection Facilities

Phantom photo

Around the back of the stable complex is the stallion collection area with its specialised freestanding dummy (nicknamed “Angelina”) that is close to the purpose built equine lab. The area is large enough to safely accommodate staff and spectators if needed, and a mare for encouragement.

Stallions can also be collected from the ground with a mare standing nearby in a small yard/or loose box if that is required or by use of a jump mare depending on stallion preference and requirements.

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Purpose built laboratory for semen / embryo processing and storage

Laboratory photo

The lab was renovated from an old cottage on the stud and is now a bright modern facility with the semen processing area, office area, bathroom and shower, semen storage room and a substance room for controlled medicines.

This facility is backed up with a generator in the event of a power shortage.

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Mare crush / treatment area

Mare crush and facilities

This area is at the back of the stable complex next to several high post and rail yards used for teasing mares and other maintenance work. This lab, built in 2005 is fully equipped with a safe mare crush, weigh scales, sink and equipment required for artificial insemination and embryo transfer work.

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Foaling Facilities

Foaling facilities

The foaling at Longspring is in specially developed fully fenced foaling paddocks that are safe and secure for both the mare and foal. Mares are foaled outside as this is more in line with the horse’s natural environment and allows the mare to select a foaling spot that she is comfortable with. Foaling outside has also shown to reduce the chance of infection.

There is a large box available for emergency use – bad weather, sick foal, or foals that require restricted movement. This along with a box in the main stable is available for indoor foaling at request.

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Surgery photo

The construction of a specialised equine surgery in the stable complex was completed in 2007 and now provides horse owners with a top facility when their horses need operating on. This facility is for hire by local vets.

The facility itself is fully lined with Seratone for ease of cleaning and hygiene. A special induction area on the right as you walk in is padded so that horse can be anaesthetised safely and lowered gently in controlled and safe manner to the floor. A special hoist system then lifts the horse and manoeuvres it into position on a large “bean bag” cushion.

After the operation, the horse is moved again using the hoist and placed in the secure fully padded recovery room so that on coming out of anaesthetic does not injure itself while struggling to gain its feet. Syenz staff monitor the recovery from a special viewing platform on the outside. In the case of a foal, staff will stand with the youngster in the recovery box with them ensuring less chance of injury - this is ideal when it comes to castration.

Once the horse is fully on their feet, they can then be moved to a recovery loosebox as necessary for follow on care provided by Syenz.

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