Design Advice for Equine Reproduction Area and Horse facilities

Between Longspring and Syenz, we have seen quite a few stud and breeding setups all around the world. Our own facilities have over the years undergone several design changes to make them more efficient and safer. Yes, in some cases, we learned the hard way!

We are now at stage where our facilities work well and ensure that both the breeding and riding side of the business work in harmony with each other. There are always things that we would like to improve or change – but often the current setup is not easily changed at this late stage. So don’t let that happen to you!

Design Advice photo

We are prepared to make our expertise and knowledge available to those intending to set up stud breeding facilities with areas for foaling, handing stallions, mares and semen collection areas. We can also advise on equipment you will need and where best to source it.

There is quite a bit of money tied up in setting up stud facilities to work correctly, and you want to get it right the first time. Our experience will ensure you don’t make costly mistakes when designing or funding about this type of facility.