Surgical Facilities for hire

The construction of a specialised equine surgery in the stable complex was completed in 2007 and now provides horse owners with a top facility when their horses need operating on. This facility is for hire by local vets.

The facility itself is fully lined with Seratone for ease of cleaning and hygiene. A special induction area on the right as you walk in is padded so that horse can be anaesthetised safely and gently in controlled and safe manner be brought to the floor. A special hoist system then lifts the horse and manoeuvres it into position.

Surgical facilities

After the operation, the horse is moved again using the pulley and placed in the secure fully padded recovery room so that on coming out of anaesthetic does not injure themselves. Syenz staff monitor the recovery from a special viewing platform on the outside. In the case of foals staff with recover the youngster in the recovery box with them ensuring less chance of injury.

Once the horse is fully on their feet, they can then be moved to a recovery loosebox as necessary for follow on care provided by Syenz.